Second Spaces & Relay for Life

This morning I started to contemplate what my next blog post would be about and I decided, I wanted to highlight another creator that I really enjoy. As I started to think about specifically which piece to choose to do, I remembered I had read somewhere that Elle Kirshner was participating in some sort of fund raising event & had out special pieces for that. So since I was at work and not suppose to log into SL (even though I did later on) I sent the creator a private plurk (pp) to ask for the details about what she was helping raise funds for. The answer was she was participating in the Relay for Life 2010 Hunt for the Cure! Due to my own RL encounters with cancers among my family & friends I knew I had to blog (& buy) her special items (even though I probably would have bought them anyways).

Thusly (is that really even a word?) I logged into SL, yes at work but at least from my own lappy, and tped directly to Second Spaces too scoop up the goodies! There are four items that Elle is offering for a donation to RFL. The lowest amount that you can give is $10L an item so that is a real steal for a great piece of furniture. The four pieces are re-colors of some of her normal line, and are only available for a limited time (July 4).

Now on to the reviews.

The first item is the Camille Window Seat in purple. I do have to confess I have owned the green version of this window seat for awhile now and I simply adore it. The window seat comes with all of the accessories that you see in the pictures below, right down to the cute bunny pillow. I love all the detailing in this piece, including the shadowing on every accessory, the molding work on the front to appear like cupboards and the little extra scroll at the top of the seat section. This piece is modifiable and the accessories are not attached (so make sure you are in build mode when you rez it to avoid having to move each accessory separately). Thus allowing you to move the accessories around to which ever shelf you want or to take them away and replace them with your own.

Break down:

Poses: 1 but it is animated so you are moving about while sitting there

Color/Fabric: RFL Special Edition Purple, She also offers a green or white version

The Second item is a purple Vanity which again includes all the accessories that you see below. I must confess I’ve never been that big on vanity tables & such in RL or SL but I think that the “personal” accessories really make this a cute little vanity set. Again each little piece in this set is maticulously done with not a little detail over looked down too the photos on the mirror.

Break down:

Poses: 1 but it is animated so you are moving about while sitting there

Color/Fabric: RFL Special Edition Purple, She also offers a green or blue version

The last two remaining items are essential the same item just different colors, the purple & the pink versions of the Stillwell Storage Locker. On these two items I took advantage of the fact that they are modifiable and I played around with the full bright feature on each one of them (you can see examples of both ways below). Again Elle has put a lot of time & effort into these pieces to make them quirky with the different doors being open to different degrees. I’m hoping to place one in my kitchen and put items into each open door, even the one that is open just slightly to give a little surprise to anyone snooping about šŸ™‚ . Also just as in the other pieces the plant comes with the storage locker.

Break down:

Poses: sorry there are none but if you want to try to get your self in one of the cubbys let me know so I can come over to take pictures!! šŸ˜‰

Color/Fabric: RFL Special Edition Purple, She also offers a gay or light blue version


I really do like all of these pieces with all that they have to offer from detailing to accessories. Also remember that they are a bargain price (10L a piece) for these limited edition colors only available till July 4th and all the proceds go to help fight cancer.

Location Information:

The pieces can be found at Second Spaces’ Main Location. You can also find a link to the stores blog in my blogroll section!


My first realĀ post!!

As I was sitting at the dinner table with my family I got an email notice from SL saying that I won this weeks profile raffle at Cheeky Pea (CP) *score*. So I rushed through cleaning up from dinner and made my way into SL to discover what I had won. I was delighted to find out that it was the winners choice week *happy dance* Although I was really happy about being able to pick something out that I do not have (since I think I own almost all of Cheeky Pea’s creations in some form or another) it created a dilemma of what to get. I’ve been eying a couple of items so after some debating and opinion gathering I decided to get the Just Relax Bench and I sent a note card to Isla (the owner of CP) to let her know what I had chosen.

Okay and now on to the nitty gritty & my review of the piece.

I really do love this cute little bench (which honestly reminds me a lot of a day bed more than a “bench”). Like most items from CP it has a touch driven menu system allowing you to change colors/fabrics/textures of the item as well as choose different poses. It has really great textures and color combos that you can choose from. I love the fact that is has shadowing (I think this makes a big difference in the quality of the piece) Although I love this piece to bits I did find one small flaw that could urk someone who looks closely at it. The back corners on the long side towards the wall are rounded differently then the ones on the front side edge. I’m not sure if that is meant to be like that or not, but it’s the only little quirk I found in the whole bench, otherwise it’s a great piece!

Here is the break down of this piece:

Poses: 13

Color/Fabric: 6 combos to choose from

Location Information:

This piece can be found at Cheeky Pea’s Main Location You also can find her blog information at the left in my blogroll

LivingĀ Room

So lets see here I sort of got it to work not like I had thought it would work…I need a break from this before I throw my poor lappy! Lol

Alright so after a commercial break I came back to it but this time I came back with reinforcements & I had a little help figuring the picture thing all out *dance* Thanks Rio!!

Testing it allĀ out

As I set off on this adventure I’ve decided to do some basic hands on training for myself. So with that being said, if you see anything get all wonky or crazy looking it’s just probably me trying to see how I can best destroy my blog before I can settle on anything.

The first endeavor I’m going to be trying to figure out is how to post pictures to my blog from flickr. It should be fairly simple (I’m guessing) but knowing myself I’m sure I’ll find a way to make it go all nutty. {So hopefully there is a picture following this paragraph *crosses fingers*}

….alright so I’ve hit a snag and I can’t get it to work, but I’m gonna keep trying!…

So it all starts hereā€¦.

After some contemplation I have decided to take the plunge and start my own blog dedicated to my life & adventures in SL. Although I’m going to concentrate (or I am aspiring to do so) on blogging about my furniture finds across the grid, I may on occasion (probably more than just an occasion) stray from this topic to dote upon many other things that I love in SL. Such as hunts, freebies, lucky chair stalking, bargains, gaming, sim exploring, and whatever else that might strike my fancy that day. So here is the start of my blogging adventures in SL…..