My first real post!!

As I was sitting at the dinner table with my family I got an email notice from SL saying that I won this weeks profile raffle at Cheeky Pea (CP) *score*. So I rushed through cleaning up from dinner and made my way into SL to discover what I had won. I was delighted to find out that it was the winners choice week *happy dance* Although I was really happy about being able to pick something out that I do not have (since I think I own almost all of Cheeky Pea’s creations in some form or another) it created a dilemma of what to get. I’ve been eying a couple of items so after some debating and opinion gathering I decided to get the Just Relax Bench and I sent a note card to Isla (the owner of CP) to let her know what I had chosen.

Okay and now on to the nitty gritty & my review of the piece.

I really do love this cute little bench (which honestly reminds me a lot of a day bed more than a “bench”). Like most items from CP it has a touch driven menu system allowing you to change colors/fabrics/textures of the item as well as choose different poses. It has really great textures and color combos that you can choose from. I love the fact that is has shadowing (I think this makes a big difference in the quality of the piece) Although I love this piece to bits I did find one small flaw that could urk someone who looks closely at it. The back corners on the long side towards the wall are rounded differently then the ones on the front side edge. I’m not sure if that is meant to be like that or not, but it’s the only little quirk I found in the whole bench, otherwise it’s a great piece!

Here is the break down of this piece:

Poses: 13

Color/Fabric: 6 combos to choose from

Location Information:

This piece can be found at Cheeky Pea’s Main Location You also can find her blog information at the left in my blogroll


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