Ambiance: Justine Dining Set part of SUYS

Unfortunately my RL has gotten in the way recently of me being able to fully enjoy SL and keep up with my blog. Fortunately I have made some time today to post about one of the great items that are out for this weekends Spruce Up Your Space! (SUYS) Dinner Party theme. Out of all the great items out I decided to feature a designer that I personally have never bought from before, Ambiance Interactive.

The item that Ambiance is offering is a dining room table set that includes place settings, candles, rug, and a vase of tulips. This set is fully copyable so you can rez as many chairs, place settings, or accessories you desire depending on how many people you have coming over. I love that each chair is menu driven and includes 24 different animations to choose from for both male and female avatars. The chairs, place settings, and candles are all color changeable which are synced with each other. The colors that are featured are white, gold, blue and green. I am not a really big fan of the whole sync color changed feature of these items because I would like to be able to set the different accessories or place settings different colors compared to the chairs, I don’t always want everything matchy matchy. The table itself does not change at all but it’s a pretty neutral color that will match pretty much any space. I do love that each and every one of the accessories is tediously done with no detail over looked including shadows and ice cubs in the wine glasses.

A top down view of each color combination.

Now here is the drawback/perk (depends on how you look at it) of this item is that it is on Special right now for this weekend only for the SUYS for only $150 L, which is definitely a steal in my opinion so if you want this set you need to run over to Ambiance and buy it now!!


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