HOmE GENiE – Kitchen

The other night I was going through my notices from the SL Home & Garden group  (which you should join if you are interested in furniture products!) and there was a notice about a new furniture place that had just opened. The notice included some pictures of the offerings at the store and I liked the style of the products so I thought I’d check it out. As soon as I tped in I was greeted by Jeannie Svenson the owner & creator of the store HOmE GENiE. Jeannie showed me around her little store and we talked for a good while about how she got started designing in SL & about all of her products. After looking at all of her products I decided the one set that caught my eye the most was her kitchen set which is modern yet has a twinge of retro to it (like several of her current pieces). So that is what I’m going to review for you today.

The kitchen set is called Cool Coal Cuisine and can be purchased as a set or as individual pieces (I’ll get to the nitty gritty of specifics through out the review) I will be reviewing the entire set for you today.

Everything you see in this photo (minus the skybox) is included in the full set. The price is set at $999 L with Copy rights but no Mod & no Transfer. The full set includes a corner sink, counter, dishwasher, fridge, oven, small cupboard, stool, storing table, & accessories.

In my set up (above) I’m currently using 3 small cupboards (this is why I love copy stuff *dance*) plus all of the other goodies in the set.

The counter & the stool combo have to be my 2nd most favorite part of the set. I love how the stool is sort of a throwback shape to some of the RL furniture of the 70’s and the counter itself is more on the modern side. Creating a unique look that can fit into either a modern setting or a more retro look.


The counter (pictured above) is 8 prims and costs $129L if you purchase it separately. I really adore the wood grain texture that is on the top mixed with the glass texture that is in the middle section of the piece.

The stool  (above) is comprised of 3 prims & costs $129 L. The stool contains 3 different poses which are menu driven. I really do love the shape of the stool & the texturing on the base of the stool it makes it look very realistic. The stool however has 2 tiny flaws, 1 being it seems to have a pink section between the black and white sections. The other is on the base where it has a wonky spot on it (it sticks out) but if you put it just a tad into the floor it is all gone that is why the wonkyness is only visible in the upper left photo.


I love the accessories that come with this set however there are a few negative things about the set. One of the negative factor is that because the items are no mod I can’t shrink or enlarge the items to the sizes I want but that is something you just have to deal with, with no mod items. The other negative is that the textures on the pink & blue boxes do not line up quiet right in the middle but you don’t really notice it unless you zoom in on them.

Now onto my favorite part of the set- the appliance suite! I absolutely love the Dishwasher, Fridge & Oven that come part of this set. They are all proportionate to an avatar & do not dwarf you while you are standing next to them unlike some other appliances in SL.

The dishwasher has a wood grain top (matches the other counters) has a grayish/silver front & a detailed handle, it is 8 prims and costs $99L.

The fridge has a stainless steel texture and has 2 detailed handles (and I am very jealous of my avie because this is the same kind of fridge I want in RL!) the fridge is 9 prims & costs $99L.

The oven is a really great piece & I wanted to single it out for a more in depth review out of the appliance suite. The oven is 14 prims & costs $149 L, it comes as you see it in the above pictures with the towel hanging from the handle & the range hood that hovers over the stove top. I love all the detail that this piece has from the stove top burner set up to all the little knobs on the front like a real oven would have. I would say this & the fridge are the two pieces that drew me to this whole set in the beginning. Even though this is my favorite piece I found 2 things that I’d like to see done to make this piece go over the top. One being that I would love it if the towel hanging on the stove was color/texture change and the second being the top of the range hood does not reach my ceiling so making the tube longer or creating a bend in the tube to make it look like it’s going out through the wall.

The Corner Sink (above) has 27 prims and costs $249L (the pink & blue boxes are part of the accessory pack). This corner piece features a sink (will talk more about below) a corner cabinet & an extra off shoot. It’s a great corner piece & would work really well in a small kitchen with just the appliance suite. There are a couple small quirks about the piece 1 being the end of the cabinet has no finished end, but you will never notice it once you put the pieces together. The other is that the textures on the top of the counter don’t exactly line up well, but again you dont really notice unless you are right on top of the piece.


On the corner sink piece there is a sink (duh) that features a faucet that has an on and off “running” animation that is menu driven. It is a nice little feature that adds a realistic touch to the piece!

The last two items to cover from this set are the small cupboard and the storing table. The small cupboard is 5 prims & is $69L and has a nice texturing that fits well with the rest of the set. For me it’s the perfect size to add into/between places to give the kitchen the full functioning look of a RL kitchen (yes I have a thing about pieces that look more like RL stuff). The other piece the storing table is 1 prim *dance* and costs $109L if purchased separately. I love the detail in this piece with the slats that run along the top & bottom (and yes when you look down from the top you can see items through the slats). Although it may be me I had some issues with this piece and getting my avie to stand directly next to it so I’m not sure what the issue is.

My over all feelings on Cool Coal Cuisine set are that it is a great set even with it’s small little issues here and there & I will be leaving it out in my SL home (I suppose this really shows my feelings about the set), so I you happen to drop by you will see it there as soon as you tp in.

I am very excited that I was given the opportunity to be featuring a new designer in SL, whom I feel will be advancing more & more in her abilities as she grows as a designer in SL. I look forward to following her career and her designs and I hope to be bringing you reviews of her new products in the future. So go on over and check out HOmE GENiE & say hi to Jeannie Svenson!


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