Valentine’s day Wall paper & hunt gift

This post is going to be a little bit different then my normal furniture post and I will be reviewing a wallpaper texture pack & a hunt item from one of my favorite multifaceted designers in SL.

This weekend (and for Monday possible Tuesday) Emily Kaestner of [croire] is offering a Valentine’s day Wall paper pack for Super Bargain Saturday for $60L. In this pack there are 4 different wallpapers which have full modification rights so you can use them in builds to sell.

Each of the patterns have a “pink” patterned section with a great white top molding and a white wainscoting bottom section. The high quality of these textures is apparent in that you can resize them so that the entire wall is just the top patterned section and it doesn’t looked stretched or cruddy.

Emily also has set out her hunt item (early) for the Valentine Diva Hunt; it is a simple 1 prim decoration called “to the beautiful girl” letters perfect for any desk, hall table or coffee table.

Both of these items can be found for a limited time at [croire]’s main location so tp on over and scope up your copies!

If you want more information about any of these items or other things that [croire] makes pop on over to the store blog.


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