TFUH: The Fresh Uknown Hun- Prt 2

As promised here is the second part of the TFUH stuff the cloths & accessories (or anything your avi can “wear”) part 😀 Remember the hunt starts tomorrow, March 1st, in the mid afternoon (I’m guessing noonish even though I know some people have their gifts out already {shhhh I didn’t tell you that}) Here is your taxi ride to location number one SleepingKoala Also please remember each hunt item costs 1L and you are looking for a flower check out the hunt blog if you need more info.  Now on to the cloths!

The Fresh Unknown Hunt - Sleeping Koala

The Fresh Unknown Hunt- Kawaii Desu

The Fresh Unknown Hunt - *.JULYs.*

The Fresh Unknown Hunt- *.JULYs.* & Tiar

The Fresh Unknown Hunt- Lilly's Boutique

The Fresh Unknown Hunt- Creamsicle

The Fresh Unknown Hunt- blah.BLAH.blah

The Fresh Unknown Hunt- Glitzz

The Fresh Unknown Hunt- Cannibelle

The Fresh Unknown Hunt- Cannibelle & VERSHE

The Fresh Unknown Hunt- Cannibelle & STUNNA SHAPES

The Fresh Unknown Hunt- So What...

The Fresh Unknown Hunt- Paper Bag

The Fresh Unknown Hunt- Nachtigall

The Fresh Unknown Hunt - ColdLogic


TFUH: The Fresh Unknown Hunt- Prt 1

Wowie I’m blogging again with in the same month :O I know shocker right?!?! Well this time I am still going to be blogging some stuff out of my norm & some stuff in my norm. I am covering some of the goodies that you can pick up in the upcoming Unknown Hunt which starts tomorrow, March 1st! The hunt features new stores that opened after November 1st 2011 to help people connect with the new stores. Each hunt item costs 1L, to help the new stores offset the cost of the items 😉

The Fresh Unknown Hunt ad

This first post is going to contain all of the items that I would normally blog! The furniture, houses, and the prose props! 😀

#5  Lit.:. Poses & More

A two person pose prop jumping into a pile of leaves – yay for 2 Zoie’s (info about my outfit to follow in the next post)

#12 -<OREXIS>-

A fountain that sparkles would be great for a cave dwelling or an ice palace.

#13 Shabby Shack

Perfect set for a hall entrance

#14 Little Touches

Cute little table, all the extras are movable & the needle work has texture change picture, available via touch.

#16 Scarlotland

Simple little table great for a kids room or an art space.

#18 A Little Bird Told Me

I’m loving the textures on this couch- comes with couch, framed leaning art & 3 different sized candles.

#21 Rowena Paine's Junque

This cute build would make a great hang out for some woodland creatures or a nice cozy house.

#25 [dirty.little.secret]

A cozy little skybox featuring all the necessities of a home – includes all the furnishings

#35 Kaerri

Patio set – Chairs, table/umbrella, and lights are not linked so you can place them anywhere on the patio


Last but not least is this great vibrant green living room set- the tables are separate and can be moved around freely for each other

For up to date information on the hunt including a full list of stores,  hints, and a picture of the flower that you are looking for please visit The Unknown Hunt Blog.

Out of the Norm

Hello Long time  no blog. Sorry about that but RL has taken a steady turn for the insane route! I was however intrigued by Adorkable Peapod’s blog challenge to blog something out of the norm for you. I have decided to take part of that and blog clothing! :O

Anywhos onto to the clothing! I was given a bloggers copy of the Leggings and t-shirt by the owner of [Sleeping Koala], Evelyn Hartshon, so I thought I would use those as a starting point.  Seeing that the leggings were all really bright colored I decided to pay homage to my childhood growing up in the 80s and go with a crazy bright color theme. Also don’t mind the different photo layouts I was uncertain which style I liked better so I used both (for better or worse lol).

look at me

My outfit consists of some individual pieces and some pieces I stole from a full kids outfit because I loved the look of them!

[Sleeping Koala] – Bandage Leggings [Lava Orange] 2 – leggings

[Sleeping Koala] – I ❤ American Boys 2 -tee

**Cute Bytes** – Black Rainbow Outfit –Bracelet, Brat Hand Ring, Sneakers, Skirt, Sock Warmers (not pictured is a shirt & leggins to match as well sold as a set)

>Truth<– Cleo Streaked in hotpink – hair– Was a Halloween Gift

Heartsick – Solstice : Muse : Winter Kiss – skin

Lolapop! – Falling Raindrops Necklace

sassy in color

Up close and personal so you can see the face of the skin a little more clearly & the great hair 🙂


My assorted accessories. (Most of which comes with the full outfit from **Cute Bytes**)


Because the leggings were my inspiration to blog I am showing you the entire range of the Bright colored ones which take me back to my Rainbow Bright days 🙂 They come in 7 colors, 6 pictured below plus the ones I’m wearing in the other pics). She also has Fishnet, Zebra, & Cheetah ones.

Bandage leggings

Okay, so all this running around the grid buying stuff and trying to find places to take pictures has tired me out so I’m going to just lay here and play in the sand now *waves*

Lounging in the sandbox


***PS all of the above mentioned stores can be found through their blogs/websites listed in my Blogroll 😀