About Me

Well I’m guessing if you are looking at this page you are trying to figure out who “I” am, so I will give you a little tiny bit of who “I” am.

To get it out of the way, first and foremost Zoie isn’t my real name but it is what I go by in SL and a bunch of other online communities. Zoie Reinard became my online presence/persona in SL in December of 2007, even though I’ve been using the name Zoie online since I was in high school. Although I try to maintain some distance between my RL and my SL lives it seems to be that they have become very intertwined, but I suppose that is what happens when you run a business & make so many friends in a virtual world. The two worlds collide and they start to become one in the same.

On to the business I own & run with my RL hubby in SL, called Moo Town Games, which is a gaming establishment that takes up 4 sims & includes our store with products that we develop. Also, I have a small store set up that sells furniture and decor items but the amount of time I have to spend on it is not anything I wish it was.

I am also very active on another gird called Avination (AVN). My store there *Zoie’s Attic* sells furniture, decor, and very recently some basic clothing items. If you  want to see more about my business in AVN please visit my stores blog web page.

Here is my disclaimer:

I am truly & utterly one of the worst spellers & grammatically challenged people you will ever meet. So if you take issue with those things then my blog may not be the one to follow for you, but if you do see any such errors let me know & I will fix them as best as I can (unless someone is willing to be my editor 🙂 )

Here is the disclaimer for Second Life related stuff:

Second Life®, Second Life Grid™, SL™, inSL™, Linden™, LindeX™, and Linden Lab® are all trade marks & property of Linden Research, Inc who runs, manages, & owns Second Life or “the grid.” If you want to find out more about them or you want to join please visit there website at http://secondlife.com


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