Living Room

So lets see here I sort of got it to work not like I had thought it would work…I need a break from this before I throw my poor lappy! Lol

Alright so after a commercial break I came back to it but this time I came back with reinforcements & I had a little help figuring the picture thing all out *dance* Thanks Rio!!


Testing it all out

As I set off on this adventure I’ve decided to do some basic hands on training for myself. So with that being said, if you see anything get all wonky or crazy looking it’s just probably me trying to see how I can best destroy my blog before I can settle on anything.

The first endeavor I’m going to be trying to figure out is how to post pictures to my blog from flickr. It should be fairly simple (I’m guessing) but knowing myself I’m sure I’ll find a way to make it go all nutty. {So hopefully there is a picture following this paragraph *crosses fingers*}

….alright so I’ve hit a snag and I can’t get it to work, but I’m gonna keep trying!…

So it all starts here….

After some contemplation I have decided to take the plunge and start my own blog dedicated to my life & adventures in SL. Although I’m going to concentrate (or I am aspiring to do so) on blogging about my furniture finds across the grid, I may on occasion (probably more than just an occasion) stray from this topic to dote upon many other things that I love in SL. Such as hunts, freebies, lucky chair stalking, bargains, gaming, sim exploring, and whatever else that might strike my fancy that day. So here is the start of my blogging adventures in SL…..