Cheeky Pea Summer Sale

Run do not walk to this sale. Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea is having her third annual Summer Sale running now till July 29th! All items at her main location are 50% off!!!!!

Cheeky Pea Sale

So make sure you go one over and scoop up any items that you have had your eye on!!


Zinnia – Mexico A Go Go Hunt item

I’m a little late with the start of this hunt but I suppose later is better than never :D. So over last weekend I received a surprise blogger pack from Zinnia Karu owner of Zinnia’s which carries more of a southwestern type style of decor. The hunt item costs 1L but is well worth the cost πŸ˜€
Mexico A Go Go 2012- Zinnias
Mexico A Go Go 2012- Zinnias
Mexico A Go Go 2012- Zinnias

Mexico A Go Go 2012- Zinnias

Mexico A Go Go 2012

Here is a little information about the hunt (I’m being lazy and am pulling the wording from the note card for the hunt :D)

“Mexico A Go Go Hunt
Hunt Dates:Β  April 7 – May 5, 2012

It’s time for a little friendly competition!

Hunters can vote for the designer who makes their favorite prize for the Mexico A Go Go Hunt.

Award recipient will receive an award placard to display in their store, as well as a complimentary Sponsor slot in the next [covert.hunts] hunt, Cleaving Cliches Hunt.

Hunters can only vote once per computer so there should be little issue with “vote stacking.”

Best of luck!Β  Let the competition begin!”

You can visit the hunt organizers website here and make sure to vote for Zinna to help her win πŸ˜€

TFUH: The Fresh Unknown Hunt- Prt 1

Wowie I’m blogging again with in the same month :O I know shocker right?!?! Well this time I am still going to be blogging some stuff out of my norm & some stuff in my norm. I am covering some of the goodies that you can pick up in the upcoming Unknown Hunt which starts tomorrow, March 1st! The hunt features new stores that opened after November 1st 2011 to help people connect with the new stores. Each hunt item costs 1L, to help the new stores offset the cost of the items πŸ˜‰

The Fresh Unknown Hunt ad

This first post is going to contain all of the items that I would normally blog! The furniture, houses, and the prose props! πŸ˜€

#5  Lit.:. Poses & More

A two person pose prop jumping into a pile of leaves – yay for 2 Zoie’s (info about my outfit to follow in the next post)

#12 -<OREXIS>-

A fountain that sparkles would be great for a cave dwelling or an ice palace.

#13 Shabby Shack

Perfect set for a hall entrance

#14 Little Touches

Cute little table, all the extras are movable & the needle work has texture change picture, available via touch.

#16 Scarlotland

Simple little table great for a kids room or an art space.

#18 A Little Bird Told Me

I’m loving the textures on this couch- comes with couch, framed leaning art & 3 different sized candles.

#21 Rowena Paine's Junque

This cute build would make a great hang out for some woodland creatures or a nice cozy house.

#25 [dirty.little.secret]

A cozy little skybox featuring all the necessities of a home – includes all the furnishings

#35 Kaerri

Patio set – Chairs, table/umbrella, and lights are not linked so you can place them anywhere on the patio


Last but not least is this great vibrant green living room set- the tables are separate and can be moved around freely for each other

For up to date information on the hunt including a full list of stores,Β  hints, and a picture of the flower that you are looking for please visit The Unknown Hunt Blog.

Spruce Up Your Space : Warm & Cozy

So It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, bad me. RL has been out of control lately but I suppose that comes with the fast approaching holiday season. Any whos I’m doing a quick blog today because there are several amazing steals in this months SUYS with this months theme of Warm & Cozy. I will give you a brief run down of one of the amazing living room sets that are available this weekend only!

The set I’m going to talk about isΒ  from Interior Addiction and features a cozy Christmas living room all for just $150L.

One of the things I love about this set is all the detail that Amelie Carlucci has put into it from the decorations on the fire place to the basket that is behind the reading chair full of wood for the fire.

There are 22 different poses featured in the set. The chair & the ottoman both feature multiple single potions that are menu driven. The rug is a cuddle rug and features several cuddle positions for 2 people, this is menu driven as well but you need to start the pose balls first to get the rug to work. I would have to say that my favorite pose/animation deals with the Christmas tree itself. If you sit on the tree you will start an animation that will allow you to decorate the tree & you pull decorations from the box next to the tree.

The set comes from a furniture creator that I have never purchased anything from before and I think it’s a great first impression of her abilities for me. Also Amelie Carlucci has great customer service & imed me just after I made my purchase and told me if I had any issues/questions/concerns to im her. All in all I definitely will be stopping by Interior Addiction to check out what else they have to offer.

Remember SUYS only runs for this weekend so if you want this item or anything else that is featured this weekend go and grab it NOW. If you want to see what else is available this weekend you can check out the SUYS flickr page.

The Log Cabin that is featured in the pictures is from (FD Decor) and is in there Midnight Mainia board.

Second Spaces & Relay for Life

This morning I started to contemplate what my next blog post would be about and I decided, I wanted to highlight another creator that I really enjoy. As I started to think about specifically which piece to choose to do, I remembered I had read somewhere that Elle Kirshner was participating in some sort of fund raising event & had out special pieces for that. So since I was at work and not suppose to log into SL (even though I did later on) I sent the creator a private plurk (pp) to ask for the details about what she was helping raise funds for. The answer was she was participating in the Relay for Life 2010 Hunt for the Cure! Due to my own RL encounters with cancers among my family & friends I knew I had to blog (& buy) her special items (even though I probably would have bought them anyways).

Thusly (is that really even a word?) I logged into SL, yes at work but at least from my own lappy, and tped directly to Second Spaces too scoop up the goodies! There are four items that Elle is offering for a donation to RFL. The lowest amount that you can give is $10L an item so that is a real steal for a great piece of furniture. The four pieces are re-colors of some of her normal line, and are only available for a limited time (July 4).

Now on to the reviews.

The first item is the Camille Window Seat in purple. I do have to confess I have owned the green version of this window seat for awhile now and I simply adore it. The window seat comes with all of the accessories that you see in the pictures below, right down to the cute bunny pillow. I love all the detailing in this piece, including the shadowing on every accessory, the molding work on the front to appear like cupboards and the little extra scroll at the top of the seat section. This piece is modifiable and the accessories are not attached (so make sure you are in build mode when you rez it to avoid having to move each accessory separately). Thus allowing you to move the accessories around to which ever shelf you want or to take them away and replace them with your own.

Break down:

Poses: 1 but it is animated so you are moving about while sitting there

Color/Fabric: RFL Special Edition Purple, She also offers a green or white version

The Second item is a purple Vanity which again includes all the accessories that you see below. I must confess I’ve never been that big on vanity tables & such in RL or SL but I think that the “personal” accessories really make this a cute little vanity set. Again each little piece in this set is maticulously done with not a little detail over looked down too the photos on the mirror.

Break down:

Poses: 1 but it is animated so you are moving about while sitting there

Color/Fabric: RFL Special Edition Purple, She also offers a green or blue version

The last two remaining items are essential the same item just different colors, the purple & the pink versions of the Stillwell Storage Locker. On these two items I took advantage of the fact that they are modifiable and I played around with the full bright feature on each one of them (you can see examples of both ways below). Again Elle has put a lot of time & effort into these pieces to make them quirky with the different doors being open to different degrees. I’m hoping to place one in my kitchen and put items into each open door, even the one that is open just slightly to give a little surprise to anyone snooping about πŸ™‚ . Also just as in the other pieces the plant comes with the storage locker.

Break down:

Poses: sorry there are none but if you want to try to get your self in one of the cubbys let me know so I can come over to take pictures!! πŸ˜‰

Color/Fabric: RFL Special Edition Purple, She also offers a gay or light blue version


I really do like all of these pieces with all that they have to offer from detailing to accessories. Also remember that they are a bargain price (10L a piece) for these limited edition colors only available till July 4th and all the proceds go to help fight cancer.

Location Information:

The pieces can be found at Second Spaces’ Main Location. You can also find a link to the stores blog in my blogroll section!