~Together for Sway~

A fellow Sler, plurkie friend, and designer I love has had some disheartening news delivered to her. Doctors have found a brain tumor and she needs to have it removed. This friends name is Sway Dench and you may know her from her stores on SwayLand featuring her home products, animations, cookie bears and her quirky clothing.  Like many people I know in SL, SL is her only form of income and with Sway’s upcoming surgery she will have to be offline for quit awhile while she recovers from her massive surgery. This is where you and I can step in and help Sway through this very significant and life changing event. Valena Vacano has graciously created a charitable event that will help Sway raise some much needed funds to help her to stay “a float” while she is in recovery and unable to create new items.  The event is called Together for Sway and will run from December 15th- December 31st, I will update this post with location information once that becomes available or you can check in with the Together for Sway blog.  The charitable event will include different designers selling products, there will be an auction, and different music events with 100% of all monies raised going directly to Sway.

Here is a message that Sway sent out :

Today I have another kind of news. It concerns me on a personal level and will influence not only my RL but also my SL.

Some of you are already in the loop and I want to thank you guys for being there for me.
Not only have you been listening to me, giving me strength thereby and encouraging me, you also have thought of something exceptional.

Since I can’t contact everybody personally but I think that you should know whats going on I’ve chosen this way to tell you.

Some weeks ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. With a high probability the tumor is benign. Presumably the surgery will take place on January 28th 2013. Until then I’m gonna try to be online as often as possible but unfortunately I won’t be able to work as much as I used to.

After the surgery I’m gonna need some time to recover so I will not be able to work for a few month.
I was discussing the fear of loosing my Sim and Shop with some Friends on Plurk and they surprised me with an incredible plan.
To save SwayLand and Sway’s and to help me through this challenging time they have created TFS.
( http://togetherforsway.wordpress.com )

I am overwhelmed and practically speechless about the level of support I have experienced so far.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

♥ Sway

Valena Vacano is looking for people who want to sell items and give 100% of proceeds to Sway, or for bloggers to blog the event, if you want to help out please contact her. If you are not a creator but want to help out we encourage you to visit SwayLand and purchase some of Sway’s cute products or visit the event once it has opened and pick up some items!

We love you Sway and we wish you a speedy recovery.

Together for Sway


Cheeky Pea Summer Sale

Run do not walk to this sale. Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea is having her third annual Summer Sale running now till July 29th! All items at her main location are 50% off!!!!!

Cheeky Pea Sale

So make sure you go one over and scoop up any items that you have had your eye on!!

Zinnia’s Paper Bag Luminaria

So I seem to becoming a Zinnias exclusive blogger 😀 I will be honest I can’t help myself when these pretties are dropped on me I can’t wait to show everyone else. Today I bring you Zinnia’s newest release of Paper Bag Luminaria. There are 4 style sets to choose from (see below), all of the sets have 3 bag choices in them, all of them are mod/copy/no transfer and have an on and off touch command for the glow.

Zinnias- Paper Bag Luminaria: Cactus Flower

Zinnias- Paper Bag Luminaria: Fiesta

Zinnias- Paper Bag Luminaria: Picado Azul

Zinnias- Paper Bag Luminaria: Picado Picante

Over all I really like these luminaries and I really think that they would compliment the Zinnia’s Fiesta Party Deck really well if you sat them up and down the deck’s stairs!

Zinnias - Papel Picado Pennants

Also out now at Zinnia’s are these freebie Pennants. They come in 2 groupings. the first is the just the top row of both pictures. The shadow and the pennants are separate so you can remove them if you like. The second set is  3 different pennant strings. These pennants as displayed in the picture on the left have 1 giant shadow that works for all 3 strings, however just like in the first set the shadow is removable and you can steal the single shadow from the first set to break them up and have a shadow. I know this is horrible of me but i have 2 small complaints about these – (1) because the pennants are alpha the shadow and the pennants mess with each other make the textures looks unclean (2) a couple of the flags there appears to be a boarder of some sort along the edge of the square that makes up the prim that is away from the actual pennant -it is not really noticeable I’m just way annal about stuff like that. Anywhos they are free so go grab them while you are picking up the Luminaries 😀

Cinco de Mayo, Fiesta Deck

This coming weekend is Cinco de Mayo and in celebration of this Mexican holiday Zinnia’s has released a Fiesta Party Deck that will help you celebrate!
Zinnia's Fiesta Party Deck

This set can accommodate up to six avatars around the table in all sorts of varying poses from talking and eating to swaying to the music. You can also access poses from the stairs including a playing guitar pose. All of the poses are menu driven and can be adjusted to accommodate your avatar. The set also offers props for you to use to enhance your celebration, you can get a sombrero, cerveza (beer), burrito and a guitar. The sombrero giver is the sombrero that is sitting on the deck and the other items can be obtained from the pose menu.

Zinnia's Fiesta Party Deck

The set will be offered at half price ($149L) at Zinnia’s main location until Sunday May 6th so go snatch this set up and celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a festive colorful surroundings. 😀

TFUH: The Fresh Unknown Hunt- Prt 1

Wowie I’m blogging again with in the same month :O I know shocker right?!?! Well this time I am still going to be blogging some stuff out of my norm & some stuff in my norm. I am covering some of the goodies that you can pick up in the upcoming Unknown Hunt which starts tomorrow, March 1st! The hunt features new stores that opened after November 1st 2011 to help people connect with the new stores. Each hunt item costs 1L, to help the new stores offset the cost of the items 😉

The Fresh Unknown Hunt ad

This first post is going to contain all of the items that I would normally blog! The furniture, houses, and the prose props! 😀

#5  Lit.:. Poses & More

A two person pose prop jumping into a pile of leaves – yay for 2 Zoie’s (info about my outfit to follow in the next post)

#12 -<OREXIS>-

A fountain that sparkles would be great for a cave dwelling or an ice palace.

#13 Shabby Shack

Perfect set for a hall entrance

#14 Little Touches

Cute little table, all the extras are movable & the needle work has texture change picture, available via touch.

#16 Scarlotland

Simple little table great for a kids room or an art space.

#18 A Little Bird Told Me

I’m loving the textures on this couch- comes with couch, framed leaning art & 3 different sized candles.

#21 Rowena Paine's Junque

This cute build would make a great hang out for some woodland creatures or a nice cozy house.

#25 [dirty.little.secret]

A cozy little skybox featuring all the necessities of a home – includes all the furnishings

#35 Kaerri

Patio set – Chairs, table/umbrella, and lights are not linked so you can place them anywhere on the patio


Last but not least is this great vibrant green living room set- the tables are separate and can be moved around freely for each other

For up to date information on the hunt including a full list of stores,  hints, and a picture of the flower that you are looking for please visit The Unknown Hunt Blog.

Garden Edging from Pocket Garden

For today’s post I’m moving to my outdoor space to review Pocket Garden’s Garden Edging Set.This is a very low prim set designed to enhance your garden space and to add some division between garden beds and grass space/walk space. All 7 pieces of this set are copy, no mod, no transfer so you can rez as many of the pieces you need to fit your space. Each piece consists of rocks and grass and even some have irises (at least that is what I’m guessing they are, but I really have no clue when it comes to flowers) built already into it.

I have taken the set and broken it down by each piece so you can get a feel for what each piece looks like on it’s own and at the end of the post you can see everything come together.

The first edging piece (yes they are broken down by number in the set so you can tell them apart) is shown above.  Alright I’m going to be a little bit knit picky about this very first piece, I know I just started the review but I suppose I’ll get it out of the way first. The one end has a rock that is flat on one side which makes it difficult to line up with anything but one of the corner pieces (I’ll talk about them later in the post) so it may be harder to use this one in the middle of a line. Also there is a ton of grass on this piece in clumps so if you are trying to use it as a flower bed edging it may be a little more difficult. This is when to me being able to mod would be helpful but that is where some of the other piece comes into play.

Here is the second piece just as long as the first one but, I like the even mix of this piece between the flowers, grass and rock out of all the individual pieces this is by far my favorite one. I guess for me it has something to do with symmetry but when I build around my garden (I live in a skybox right now so I don’t really have a garden space yet) this is the one I’ll be using. Also I really like the rocks shapes &  sizes in this piece.

The  third edging piece I believe would make the best edging piece if you were doing a division around a perfect garden bed because one side has the grass and the other side has the flowers so it creates that division between grass and flowers nicely. I do have one negative about this piece there is one big rock that seems kind of out of place at the end of the set but it plays in well with one of the corner pieces (sorry not talking about them yet but soon).

Okay so this is Edging piece number 4 probably my second favorite edging piece of the set, again it’s symmetrical like edging piece number 2 with a good balance of rocks, grass & flowers. This piece is only 4m long which may be a more manageable size for your space if you are living on a smaller plot of land.

Alright here is the last piece of edging of the set. This is the shortest piece of the set and just features grass and rock, no flowers this time.

Finally on to the corner pieces. There are 2 different corner pieces to choose from, the one above is corner piece number 1. It Consists of one rock and some tufts of grass. This piece works well up against some of the edging pieces that have larger stones at the end.

Here is the second corner piece which has a U kind of shape with the flowers growing out of the middle. This piece you need to “sink” into the ground a little bit when you rez it so that the flowers look like they are growing out of the ground and not your rocks (it warns you about this in the note card that comes with the set: yes people read the note card it has useful & helpful information about your purchase *duh*). Below, you will find a picture of this corner piece before you “sink” the rock into the ground just as a reference point.

As a side note I love this corner piece. I went a little nutty and rezzed a ton of them and squished them all together to make an edging just out of them (sorry didn’t take any pics).

And for the grand finally here is a smallish set up of all the pieces used together. I tried to take pictures from different angles to give you a feel of what it looks like all around.

Pocket Garden’s Garden Edging set is a great addition to your outside space to give your gardens a finished look or just to give your landscape some division (I suppose you could use them as a walk way too). The whole set sells for $225L and can be found at Pocket Garden’s main location. If you want more information about Pocket Garden you can visit them in world or check out their blog.